An Ewmccall Halloween
Halloween is quickly approaching and if you don't have any ideas yet, you've come to the right place! Im going to do a small round up of some easy-to-throw-together costumes!


 the Belle Costume: This one is super easy! All you need is the costume we put together for you! Just add a sweet little basket for all her candy treasures and a blue bow in her hair and you are good to go! This costume is a great one because the pieces are made up of things that transition into everyday wear.


the Indian Headbands: These are really fun! Whats great about these is, they are gender neutral and make for lots of good pretend play long after Halloween. We have 3 different color options and they are handmade with quality leather and some fun feathers. For this costume just add a homemade no-sew vest (see Pinterest for some tutorials). And you could really get creative with the vest and let your babe help decorate it with paint, beads or even leaves and things found! 


the Handmade Bunny Masks: This is a really easy one! All you need is a solid color onesie or leggings and a matching tee, preferably in a color that matches the Bunny Mask of your choice. Then you can add a sweet little bunny tail made from cotton balls!


the Stick Horse: Add one of our stick horses to a cowboy or cowgirl outfit for an amazing final touch! These are really special and would really set off the whole look. 


the Bunny Apron: With this piece it really is as simple as throwing this on over bloomers (warmer climates) or a matching tee and leggings (cooler climates) and adding a sweet little bunny tail made from cotton balls! Take it up a notch and paint her little face like a bunny too! 


There you have it! A small roundup of some very ewmccall style Halloween costumes.
The best part is these are all pieces that are fun all year long! Let us know if you try some of these. 
Happy trick-or-treating! 









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